Speak Up

Not only is it important for sufferers to be vocal about their disorder to their loved ones, but also to the scientific community. This affliction is not something that you can see, aside from the physical side affects that result for some individuals. At the core, this is an internal, very personal issue. Which is why there is so little known about it, and not a lot of progress has been made in finding a widely agreed upon treatment, much less a cure. The only way that researchers and doctors can gain more knowledge, is for sufferers to be more expressive as to the actual experience that occurs during a trigger, what exact things trigger you, and how this entire occurrence affects your mental state and thought processes. The realization has occurred, that many sufferers are often creatives. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. We have to think outside the box to cover up, avoid and hide our disorder, and that ability is positively applied to other aspects of our lives. We are forced to actively engage that part of our brain, so lets use it to our advantage! In order to overcome this disorder, take back the control of your life, use your voice, and the skills that our disorder inadvertently gives us. I encourage you to write, or create something that expresses your struggle with Misophonia. Not only will it aid in research, but it will help you feel better about your disorder, and yourself. I believe that we were given this affliction for a reason. Even though it is undoubtedly the single most difficult thing that we face in our lifetime, it also gives us incredible strength in managing it, and a unique perspective on every aspect of life.