Tips For Fundraising

misophonia research communityChange starts from home. Sometimes it is as simple as asking your friends and family to each help contribute a small amount. After all, if 100,000 people give $1 that’s $100,000.

Fundraising doesn’t have to be boring. Often times, with a little creativity and ingenuity you can create a fundraiser that’s not only beneficial to the cause, but ultimately fun! Since Misophonia is a lesser-known condition, having local awareness and research events can have a direct impact not only on research, but on your day to day life. You will be your own champion as you raise awareness and help us to research our disorder. Fundraisers can be simple (and classic) such as bake sales and car washes. Or, you can opt for more interesting events such as variety shows or social media campaigns. What you do is up to you. No matter the method, you can help.

The following are just some ideas of events that could be held to help raise money for research (and spread awareness too). Think about this – wouldn’t it be amazing if people in your community didn’t think you were “crazy”, “ridiculous”, or “over-reacting”? Each step you take to improve your community’s awareness will help the global awareness. Bonus? You’ll be raising money to help researchers identify the disorder and eventually come up with a treatment and cure.

Please feel free which of our researchers you would like to support with your campaign. Their direct donation information is available to any one willing to help. We do not accept the money, we merely connect you to the researchers that are working vehemently to find the answers that help define our lives.

Please note: if your community or district has special provisions for fundraisers, you should be mindful and talk to your local committees.

The following are just some ideas of ways to fundraise in your own community.  The great thing about community events is that not only do you spread awareness and help your cause, but you also have meaningful activities with people that you are closest to.

Bake Sales

misophonia-cupcakesBake sales are a classic. Why? Because everybody loves a sugary pick-me-up. Depending on your location, you may be doing the crowd a favour. Break out your grandmother’s specialties and help the cause by making the world a delicious place – oh, and help fundraise for Misophonia whilst you’re at it! Bake sales are simple to set up. Get the cookies, the table, and the location, and you’re good to go. Just don’t eat everything first!

50/50 Draw

ITA18FXIBL50/50 draws are great because you don’t need to have much of a game-plan as for finding the prizes. The prize is half of what you fundraise. The tricky part of this is getting help selling tickets, but, if you have an organization you’re a part of you may be able to get their help. Local groups are often willing to help people out. As well, you can sell the tickets to your friends and family. Tickets usually only require a printer and word processing system to print off.

Lemonade Stand

misophonia-lemonadeIf your child with misophonia wants to get involved and help their own disorder, I say let them! Lemonade stands are fun, and they don’t have to be just lemonade. You can sell ice-cream in the summer (when you have a cooler), other beverages at community events (so long as the hosts are ok with it), or, set up on the block! This is a great way for your child (especially one with an unknown disorder) to feel as though they’re making a difference, and, it’s a great way to learn about community values.

Be sure to share photos of your event on twitter/facebook and all other social media! Use #MisophoniaAwareness and #Misophonia so that we can quickly find you!


guide-anatomy-landing hosts a wonderful free ebook compiled with ideas for starting your own fundraiser. You can download it here. If you don’t have an organization to list, simply put “Misophonia Awareness” when downloading or leave blank.


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